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What is Yogalicious Fitness (Yogalicious Fitness TV)?

Yogalicious Fitness is more than just a way to tighten, tone, shape & relax your body. It is a lifestyle and wellness philosophy that incorporates all aspects of the self– body, mind/emotions, & spirit–to help you increase self-awareness & confidence, as well as showing you how to act more often from your highest self, in order to create your best life ever!  

Our Youtube Channel, Yogalicious Fitness TV  (you can also see videos from this website) provides helpful & entertaining videos which focus on your most important self-help, self-care, relationship & wellness topics.  

Watch this video to become a part of the ever-growing Yogalicious Fitness tribe!!

What are Yogalicious Fitness workouts/classes?

Yogalicious Fitness is a type of fusion exercise, built upon a foundation of  Vinyasa yoga, and incorporating movements from various types of workouts: calisthenics, Pilates, ballet/barre & cardio/dance movements, to name a few.  Creator and instructor Susan Blayer developed Yogalicious Fitness to make yoga more accessible to the average person, while also making it more playful and fun.

Participants learn how to link breath (pranayama) with motion, as they move through dynamic yoga flow sequences. They also practice asanas, or postures, that one would see in a typical yoga class.  But this is not your average yoga class!

Yogalicious Fitness classes strive to cultivate a state of “energized relaxation.”  Each segment of the class is thoughtfully designed to center, stretch, tone and strengthen the body, mind and spirit, while fostering a supportive group atmosphere that many students describe as family-like in nature.

Yogalicious exercises and sequences have also been carefully crafted to sculpt, tighten and streamline a woman’s body using what Susan Blayer calls SCS Conditioning– referring to Shoulders, Core and Seat– the most common and  stubborn “trouble areas” most women have tried, without lasting success, to transform.

YF is also a lifestyle philosophy which blends Eastern and Western principals of wellness.  The YF lifestyle seeks to increase the health, positivity, peace and self-confidence of every practitioner from the inside-out and the outside-in.  The Golden rule of YF, like most yoga, is “First Do No Harm,” which as a guiding principle, asks students to listen to the wisdom in their bodies, and to never push too far or too little in their practice.

Yogalicious Fitness live classes are not being offered at this time.  But please subscribe to our Youtube Channel– Yogalicious Fitness TV for future FREE Yogalicious Fitness workouts!!  Coming soon!!


About Susan Lorenzo Blayer

Susan Lorenzo Blayer is the Creator and Instructor of Yogalicious Fitness, who developed the class and lifestyle principals initially out of a desire to improve herself– to finally end her struggle with saddlebags, love-handles, and endless weight fluctuations, and to do so in a way that was holistic and self-nourishing rather than jarring, exhausting or punitive.
Susan is a NESTA certified Group Exercise Instructor, who has caught Mommy and Me type stroller-inclusive fitness (bootcamp-esque) classes to women with infants or young children for a company that was formerly known as Stroller Mamas Fitness.  She also used her instructor certification to teach small group aerobic-dance classes.  Additionally, she completed her Level One YogaFit Certification, which permits her to teach that style of yoga, which she did for a short time.  She has largely been a self-taught yogi, often practicing daily with yoga videos in every style from Kundalini to Namaste to Ashtanga.   She has practiced in countless  group classes and private sessions of Power Yoga, Kundalini, Forrest and Iyengar styles, to name a few. 
Her career as a Psychotherapist has rounded out the YF program by steeping it in her unique style of affirmation and unconditional positive regard toward self and others. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the state of New York, holding a Masters of Science from Columbia University, and a Masters in Divinity from Union Theological Seminary.

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