Happy One Year Anniversary Being Vegan-Ish!!

Happy Anniversary to me!! Sorry this is a bit of a long one but Im excited to announce that today is one year of living Veganish!

Watch to find out more about this non-meat choice and why I am so grateful to Dr. Melanie Joy & vegan You-Tubers: Freelee & Durian Rider, High Carb Hannah & Banana Blondie 108.

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Mantervention- John’s Mancave

Last summer (2015) I was invited to be the relationship expert for a youtube show called “Mantervention” (MadeMan Channel, Defy Media.  

In this episode, my job is to help this couple discuss how John’s tendancy to spend most of his time in his mancave is interfering with his relationship. Hope you enjoy the clip! (Ill post clips from the other 2 episodes soon!)