Fav Things Friday: FALL J’ADORE!!!!

Well, Hellooooo There Glogis!  Happy to be here posting another Favorite Things Friday (FTF)!!!

gratitude 2

As you probs know by now, one of the YF Lifestyle practices is to cultivate an “attitude of gratitude”- and one of my favorite exercises for this is called “Finding Your Favorite Things.” (Working out not only your body, but your mind & spirit as well here at Yogalicious!)

Its pretty simple- every day, especially when you are finding yourself feeling negative or holding on to your “have nots” (all the things that arent going your way, that you arent getting right now the way you want them), you take a few deep, cleansing resting breaths, maybe close your eyes, and ask yourself- “What were my favorite things over the past 24 hours? What am I grateful for today? What Have I been blessed with this week?”


So here we are for this week’s FTF:

First of all…can I say again and again and again to all who will listen how much I ADORE ALL THINGS FALL!!  Pumpkin flavored pumpkin pie spice anything, GORG sunny-cool-ish weather, Color like Crazy leaves, Boots & Blazers, Halloween, Thanksgiving– just really one of God’s great gifts to us every year, especially here in NY.

Right on time-- Pumpkin Truffles!! Joy!!

Right on time– Pumpkin Truffles!! Joy!!

Another blessing is having an awesome space to work in– my favorite office ever to see clients is the one I use on Fridays @ Advent Lutheran Church on Broadway & 93rd.  Not only is the loft office comfy (thanks to my co-worker) but the windows– oh, the windows.  Ill let u take a look in the video below, which I really took because this church is just always jumping!  I mean there is always something super-cool going on there.  Like today, for instance, there was a Symphony– yes, a symphony- playing in the church! Take a listen & a lookie:

And while we are watching videos for this FTF, Ive gotta include this one my little darling made the other day….Can I just tell you what a blessing it is to be able to play with and enjoy and create and laugh and play with my daughter?  Please, please, please all u parents out there– ENJOY your children!!!!  You dont get all of those moments back & great memories are just waiting to be made!

Cant have a Favorite things post without including these freakin rockin booties!!!  I cant tell you how many comments/compliments I get when I wear these things, which is just about always– Perfection for these warm autumn days & sooooo incredibly comfy– I can walk 20 city blocks easily (although I did fall down a fight of stairs in them, just keepin it real lol)


If you’ve been following my 21 day detox & cleanse you will know how grateful Ive been for this experience– and for being able to continue it starting Monday (after those pumpkin truffles lol).  This new book I got is awesome and will def provide some inspiration (Go to SHOP to get ur copy, too!):

green smoothie bible

Thanks Jim & Danielle for the Total Gym!! xo

Thanks Jim & Danielle for the Total Gym!! xo

Lastly, but certainly not leastly lol– my wonderful friends Jim & Danielle gifted me with their Total Gym!!!  One woman’s trash is certainly another’s treasure– Ive wanted a Total Gym for YEARS, just didnt want to spend the money.  Loving it already– and loving my friends for their generosity!!

Loving the TG....

Loving the TG….

& Soph is too!

& Soph is too!

AND, as always, Im grateful for all of you, who take the time to come visit me here on YogaliciousFitness.com!!

So again: What are you grateful for this week?  What are your favorite things you’re loving on today?

xoSusanxo #attitudegratitude #FTF #glowing&grateful




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