Favorite Things Friday (FTF): I <3 NY

Well, Hellooooo There Glogis!  Happy to be here posting another Favorite Things Friday (FTF)!!!

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As you probs know by now, one of the YF Lifestyle practices is to cultivate an “attitude of gratitude”- and one of my favorite exercises for this is called “Finding Your Favorite Things.” (Working out not only your body, but your mind & spirit as well here at Yogalicious!)

Its pretty simple- every day, especially when you are finding yourself feeling negative or holding on to your “have nots” (all the things that arent going your way, that you arent getting right now the way you want them), you take a few deep, cleansing resting breaths, maybe close your eyes, and ask yourself- “What were my favorite things over the past 24 hours? What am I grateful for today? What Have I been blessed with this week???

gratitude wheel

First and foremost, I want to share how blessed I feel to have so much love in my family.  My Aunt Roe & Uncle Vinny’s 50th!!! Wedding Anniversary celebration last weekend reminded me of the power of love, and how we have it in abundance with the Lorenzo clan! Here are a few highlights:


My DLB, Laura & me…Bestie Cousins!!


The Beautiful Couple!!!


the next Gen….

Today I also want to acknowledge that Im grateful for my health– not just that of my body, but of my mind & spirit as well.  One of the reasons I became a Psychotherapist is because I truly believe in the power of personal transformation and the beauty that flows through a life dedicated to self-exploration, actualization and deeper, more fulfilling connections with others.  I explained in my last video that, through what could be perceived as stalled progress towards continued detoxing and cleansing, I have learned that there is a season and a reason for everything, and that permanent, lasting change/growth is not a linear process.  So I thank God for the wisdom today to trust myself, my body and to let things be exactly as they are, because they are always exactly where they need to be!

broadway urban space

On that note– where I needed to be on this Favorite Things Friday was smack in the middle of my favorite city in the entire world– NEW YORK CITY.  My love this week is particular to the mid-town area– Broadway from 34th Herald Square up to 42nd & Bryant Park.  I am in this area just about every Friday and it is AMAZING.  Something new and unique is always happening here!  Well today, Urban Space sponsored a whole bunch of food stands!!!

urban space

What a perfect treat for this Fun Food Friday lol.  Speaking of treats…..I started this glorious day being thankful for the greatness that is the Godiva Pumpkin Truffelata!! OMfreakinGEEEEEEE- now you know from last weeks FTF that I ADORE all things pumkin…& I love chocolate truffles– well, guess what- this Godiva Pumpkin Truffelata actually has a pumpkin spice truffle in the mix!!  This thing tastes exactly like a pumpkin pie ice cream smoothie.  TO DIE FOR!!


Truffelata on the Train!

Part of the theme of this FTF I guess is that Im thankful for the process of finding a peaceful place in my life where I balance fun and discipline, pleasure and health- and for me, this manifests itself in my food choices.  So today I started with a luscious sweet-treat breakfast of yes, the Pumpkin Truffelata…which paired nicely with some gorgeous gluten-free creation from FIKA (with its glamorous Scandinavian sounding name,which of course I cant pronounce).  This little cutie was a almond meringue cookie topped with fluffy chocolate mousse, covered in dark chocolate.  Unfortunately, I didnt take a pic before I demolished it…..

fika gf cookie

One thing I just love love love about NYC is that its truly a walking town.  There is so much going on & so much charged energy that you can walk 20 blocks without even noticing it! Last week I shared my FTF open toe studded booties I was loving.  Well today, these boots (knee-high suede– YES, PLEASE!!) were made for walking:




That lovely breakie I mentioned left me full until evening, when I hit the Urban Space food vendors– and chose the Lobster BLT from Red Hook Lobster Pound.  Now, that bun it came on was not gluten free, so I got creative…lugged the bag home (oh, the temptation not to inhale those plump, seductive lobster chunks on the bus!), picked up some Dragon Salmon Avocado sushi, and topped a lovely petite green salad with ginger dressing with the seafood-sushi combo.  One of the best dinners Ive had in a long time!!!

red hook lobsterlobster sushi

So did I mention how irritating it can be to sit on a bus from Manhattan to Queens in rush hour traffic?  Well, this is FTF, so we will flip that script and focus on the positives!!  I am so happy to have had the Pandora App on my phone– and the 70s funk and light rock stations!!!!!  I LOVES me some good 70s music!!!  Here are a few of my favs that got me thru the creeping pace of public transportation:



These tunes are dedicated to my friend Timmy– who is (YAY!!) having a 70s themed birthday party tomorrow night for his 50th!!  Cant wait to funk it out with the Farrells!!!

Last, but not least, this FTF would not be complete without mention of one of my favorite people in the whole wide world, my sister Tracy.  We try to see each other about every month-6 weeks, which sometimes gets challenging since she lives 2 hours away from me in CT.  So we are missing each other’s Rainbow Unicorn Love during this long stretch since the last time we hung out in the summer… But YAY for FACETIME!!!  Me, Soph, & Buddy will actually get to SEE IN REAL TIME Trac & Cooper thanks to the miracle of our IPhones!!

My Two Lovelies!!!

Yes, soooo very much to be grateful for this FTF!!!

AND, as always, Im grateful for all of you, who take the time to come visit me here on YogaliciousFitness.com!!

So again: What are you grateful for this week?  What are your favorite things you’re loving on today?

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