Favorite Things Friday (FTF) MILF Juice, Doggie Dates & Amethysts….

Well, Hellooooo There Glogis!  Happy to be here posting another Favorite Things Friday (FTF)!!!

As you probs know by now, one of the YF Lifestyle practices is to cultivate an “attitude of gratitude”- and one of my favorite exercises for this is called “Finding Your Favorite Things.” (Working out not only your body, but your mind & spirit as well here at Yogalicious!)

Its pretty simple- every day, especially when you are finding yourself feeling negative or holding on to your “have nots” (all the things that arent going your way, that you arent getting right now the way you want them), you take a few deep, cleansing resting breaths, maybe close your eyes, and ask yourself- “What were my favorite things over the past 24 hours? What am I grateful for today?”

start each day grateful

Lets see what we have here…..

Grateful that my beautiful daughter had a wonderful first day of 3rd grade– and blessed that she is such a great kid, & that my work schedule this past year and a half has allowed me to spend much more time with her:

soph 1st day 3rd grade

Thrilled beyond words for this amazing cleanse– and the special Juice Press juices and smoothies that have helped keep me on track by tasting yummy & being super convenient! This evening I am especially loving my chocolate shake treat:

milf juicejuice press choc shake

Thankful for my clients who show up and do the hard work to improve themselves and their lives– and trust me to be there with them to help:

exactly where u need to be

You know how you have a cute lacy tank top, but it shows just a bit too much cleavage for work– found this perfect purple amethyst necklace that hits the spot good:

amethyst necklace

Happy to be hanging out with my old friend (from HS!!) Mark w his beautiful Goldens- Porter & Bailey — Playdate for Buddy:

bailey porter buddy mark soph

Love, love, loving the fantastic fresh basil and holy hotness red peppers from my husband’s garden (the tomatoes are terrific too!!) Nothing better than using food grown in your own backyard:


Im a bit obsessed with my fav new HBO drama– The Leftovers.  It makes me profoundly sad, & constantly turning over the question of why people make the choices they do in response to overwhelming loss.  And, ummmm….. where the hell did Justin Theroux come from?? In every episode he achieves perfection as a never satisfied, tortured soul– displaying a deep, plagued tenderness yet never losing the tough-guy exterior.  Just brilliant– Cant wait for the finale for the first season this Sunday!!


 AND, as always, Im grateful for all of you, who take the time to come visit me here on YogaliciousFitness.com!!

So again: What are you grateful for this week?  What are your favorite things you’re loving on today?

xoSusanxo #attitudegratitude #FTF #glowing&grateful



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