Favorite Things Friday (FTF): LOVE is in the Air…..

HELLLLLOOOOOOOW My Gorg Peeps….Welcome to this week’s Favorite Things Friday (FTF)!!!

im not perfect but i am blessed

As you probs know by now, one of the YF Lifestyle practices is to cultivate an “attitude of gratitude”- and one of my favorite exercises for this is called “Finding Your Favorite Things.” (Working out not only your body, but your mind & spirit as well here at Yogalicious!)

Its pretty simple- every day, especially when you are finding yourself feeling negative or holding on to your “have nots” (all the things that arent going your way, that you arent getting right now the way you want them), you take a few deep, cleansing resting breaths, maybe close your eyes, and ask yourself- “What were my favorite things over the past 24 hours? What am I grateful for today? What Have I been blessed with this week???

Well this week I was kinda sucker-punched with an overwhelming feeling of how blessed I am to have so much, and so many different types of love in my life– both given and received.

This little love-fest all started today when, listening to a wedding going on in the church below my office, I got teary-eyed as Pachelbel’s Canon in D was played, as it had on my own wedding day, as my beautiful bridesmaids walked down the aisle.  I always find this piece, the way it moves and builds and grabs your heart, to be as magnificent as I felt that day….take a listen:

A bit later, as I opened the door to my next client, I was hit with another sensory memory whammy– they had chosen Ave Maria for one of their songs, which was the song I actually walked down the aisle to– and which has much deeply personal meaning and significance for me (hint- my middle name is Marie 🙂 ). From those first few notes, I get the chills, every single time I hear this song and I love, love, love this version by the Celtic Women & with the English translation:

Perhaps I had already been primed by this music that spoke to my history and my heart, but I could barely hold back the tears when, upon returning from the bathroom on my way back to the office, I stopped as the couple was ready to make their first walk, as newlyweds, down the aisle.  I hadnt seen before, but this pair was an interracial, gay male couple– and both were literally crying with joy and gratitude as they grasped each other’s hands so tightly I could almost feel it. Then, only a few feet away from where I stood, they embraced as if they had just entered into the most magical moment of their lives.  (This was actually when the sucker-punch to my heart happened lol)


Then…. July 12, 1998…..

In that moment I really took a moment to reflect on the ways that perhaps I take my marriage, and perhaps marriage in general, for granted. But mine has taught me what “for better or worse” really means.  It has made me go places I never thought I would before– spiritually, emotionally, literally (Umm, sleeping in a puddle in a tent in a thunderstorm in New Mexico, anyone??).  It has shown me how to truly be supportive and on the flip side, how being so very close to someone can make you quite cruel.  It has been invaluable in teaching me how to prepare couples who seek pre-marital counsel, or guide those who need post-nuptial help.  In good times and bad, my marriage has been proof of our dedication to keep trying our best, even when that is far from good enough.  I would not be the person I am today without my husband, and since I much prefer the person I am now, for that, and so many other things, I thank him– which I know I do not do nearly enough.


And Now– this summer, Cape Cod 2014

Ok, ok, ok enough of that sap……lets see what else is on my FTF  LOVE list this week……


Well, keeping with the theme, I was reflecting on the other types of deep, profound love in my life.  Of course, at the very top of the list is my incredible daughter.  I am so grateful for simply the honor of being her mommy & every single thing that entails.  Today I realized that I cannot remember who I was without the sound of her laughter, or the look on her face when she is afraid and needs me to comfort her– her specific sweet dirty-kid smell, the feel of her arms around me.  There is nothing in the world that prepared me for this kind of love, and it really is true and not cliche that there arent adequate words to describe it.  And no matter how many times she mouths off, or doesnt listen, or leaves her socks in every conceivable corner of our house, that all-encompassing feeling that I would do anything in the world to keep this kid safe, and to make sure she knows just how very much she is adored, never, ever fades.  In fact, it only grows stronger as she becomes more and more of her own little wonderful person.

DSC03206sopjh smile

Today, I give thanks for ALL the females in my life: For my best and closest friends (some of whom are family members); For the Yogalicious Fitness girls who make me laugh and give me such joy when we share a class together;

For my Friday clients– all women, who, although they are all of different ages (from 19-65), different races and cultural backgrounds, and have different reasons for meeting with me, have some very important things in common:  Their bravery in showing up, week after week, to grapple with the hardest issues of their lives, to ask the hardest questions of themselves, to be vulnerable and open to the process of therapy.  It is a special kind of love, that which a therapist feels for their client.  It is not part of your personal life, the way your kin or your friendships are– but it is nonetheless personal on a very human level. I love these women for who they are– bright, unique shining stars– without any agenda or want of them for myself except the hope that I can help them become the version of themselves they most want to be.  It touches me and humbles me to think that they (and all of my clients) would allow me to witness their pain and walk beside them on their journey– that they would trust my unconditional love for them (which is sometimes tough love)– and that when their season in therapy is over, that they know we have shared something important and vibrant and can only be compared to the transformative magic that happens when you have that agape love– the kind of love that just makes you wish the very best for another, and to somehow do your part to ease their pain and suffering.


Which is a nice segue into another love of my life that I feel so very, very grateful for: my work as a therapist.  It has taken what felt like a long time to get to this place where I can actually do the work I have always felt called to do.  While I have been a mental health professional for about two decades now (am I giving away my age here????), it is only in the past two years that I have been able to focus on direct work with clients, pretty much on my own terms, making my own schedule, loving every session– even the hard ones!!  I am so very very very thankful for this vocation.  It is so much a part of who I am and who I always want to be.

Yes, soooo very much to be grateful for this FTF!!! Kinda serious FTF this week, huh? 🙂

As always, Im grateful for all of you, who take the time to come visit me here on YogaliciousFitness.com!!

So again: What are you grateful for this week?  What are your favorite things you’re loving on today?

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