Welcome to the first post of FAVORITE THINGS FRIDAYS!!!- brought to you from the sunny wonderfulishiousness of Saltaire, Fire Island.

As you probs know by now, one of the YF Lifestyle practices is to cultivate an “attitude of gratitude”- and one of my favorite exercises for this is called “Finding Your Favorite Things.” (Working out not only your body, but your mind & spirit as well here at Yogalicious!)

Its pretty simple- every day, especially when you are finding yourself feeling negative or holding on to your “have nots” (all the things that arent going your way, that you arent getting right now the way you want them), you take a few deep, cleansing resting breaths, maybe close your eyes, and ask yourself- “What were my favorite things over the past 24 hours? What am I grateful for today?”

Anyway– Fav Things Friday (FTF) is my–hopefully :)–weekly sharing of this practice. (You can also click on some of the products Ive mentioned to check them out–or buy them– if you wish)

So, without any further ado……my FTF list:

Getting to spend several days @ AMAZINGLY PEACEFUL, BEAUTIFUL SALTAIRE (Gooooshhhh, what a difference no cars makes!! Life is like one big deer -speckled, sea air infused boardwalk here) with people I love:

b girls

& for the generous people of St Andrew’s church for letting us take a week in the rectory each year:


Polka Dotty Beach Toes (Yay for the Chocolate Scrub Pedis @ Sweetie Nails!!) & Ipanema Glitter Bow Flip-Flops:

flip flops

Morning Yogalish “Class” with my Family @ the beachhouse– Great Job Drea, Anya & Taiah!!

First Mommy-Daughter bike ride with my beautiful cutie, Sophie (We saw a deer!!)


Matching messy hair buns on my girls…..

Lovely walk-n-chat with my GORGiLicious niece Makailah to Kismet:


Kay & me in our clubhouse- the Saltaire library
(Wonder Zoo anyone???)

& for the Free  WiFi @ the serene & breezy Saltaire public library (aka the Clubhouse)

Buddy being so exhausted from walking everywhere that he hasnt peed in the beachhouse


Beach lazy: Buddy & his Daddy

Deer watching at dusk (obs one of my favorite Fire Island activities):


Saw this fantastic fawn!!!!

For some solitary Yogalicious practice– ON THE BEACH!!!  GLORIOUS!!!


The View from my Yoga Mat

& Last, but not Least— my fav Yogalicious Pink Bunny Mug!! (the little pleasures in life!! (& I just happen to think its a little good luck trinket)

pink bunny cup

HEY–ENJOY YOUR fav Things today!!

xoSusanxo  #attitudegratitude #FTF #glowing&grateful


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