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Yogalicious Fitness Classes are held on Sundays @ 12 noon in the gym of Grace Episcopal Church in Whitestone, Queens. Classes are generally an hour to an hour and 15 minutes long unless otherwise noted.

Please be sure to wear comfortable clothing.  Form fitting tops are often best so that they dont ride up over your head and expose your tummy or other bits during certain poses and flows!  The entire class is done in bare feet for safety. (So maybe now is a good time to get that Pedi???)

A few yoga mats are available on a first-come first serve basis.  Any exercise mat will do.  We also make mat cleaner available.

Please bring a water bottle and perhaps a small towel to keep you both hydrated and dry!!

Be sure to let Susan know before class if you have any areas of injury or sensitivity (such as neck, back, knees etc.) Remember the Golden rule of “FIRST DO NO HARM.”  Progress IS perfection @ YF– listen to the wisdom of your body and never push too much or too little.  Honor your practice and take breaks or pick up the pace/intensity when you need to. 

You may also want to let Susan know if you are allergic/sensitive to incense and/or aromatherapy oil (lavender) as both are often used in class.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: PLEASE MAKE SURE to visit our YF Facebook page for the address, and to check that class is not on seasonal hiatus or cancelled for the week. (Hey, and we’d be SUPER HAPPY if you “liked” us while you were there– updates about future classes and new posts on this website will go directly to your newsfeed YAY! 🙂 )

YF classes at Grace Church Whitestone are offered as a ministry and therefore are DONATION ONLY.  This means that you “pay” in accordance with your personal means and what your heart leads you to give in gratitude for the class.  ALL proceeds go back to Grace Church.

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