Make It Monday (MIM): Guac In a Glass (Raw Avocado Soup)

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guac in a glass

Look @ this Gorg Green Goodness!!!

This week Im sharing my famous (yup, still only in my head lol) Guac in a Glass recipe.  Basically, it is like the best raw avocado soup (gazpacho) you will ever have. Seriously, its like a smooth, creamy guacamole….except without the chips cuz honestly, you dont need them!

Ingredients (& their nourishing goodness!)

One whole small-medium RIPE avocado


Forget diamonds, avocados are a girl’s best friend!  This little pod of magnificent wonder-fat increases your good cholesterol while lowering the bad, thereby promoting cardiovascular health.  But beyond the health benefits, avocados unique monounsaturated fatty acids have been shown to improve skin tone and texture, as well as having potential to increase weight loss by being more likely used as a slow-burning source of energy than stored as fat.  Yippee!!!!

1-3 cloves raw garlic (based on your preference, need to slay vampires or not slay ur significant other w ur vampire breath– just saying)


A great source of anti-oxidants, this stinky bulb is known to help boost your immune system (antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal)– & who doesnt want that?? It also does a myriad to promote heart health- primarily stabilizing blood pressure. It is an anti-inflammatory which may also help with hair loss & cold sores!

One whole small or half medium organic ripe tomato


Lycopene, lycopene, lycopene, let me count the ways!! That which gives those luscious tomatoes their luscious color- also gives them their cancer-fighting super-powers & ability to improve eye health.  Blending, like cooking, helps to break down the cell walls, releasing the lycopene so that it is more readily available to the body, and pairing them with healthy fats/oils– such as those in avocados, say?–helps with absorption.

Handful organic mixed salad greens of your choice (I like one by Earthbound Farms called Zen- a mixture of baby kale, spinach & asian greens)

zen grns

Handful (or more if u dig it) fresh cilantro (stems & everything!)


Ground, organic cumin, to taste (i like a lot of it!!)


1/2 diced jalapeno pepper

Hot red peppers and/or organic cayenne pepper, to taste– Fire it up, Baby!

Red Hot Chili Peppers arent just a great band…they are also a great high!!  When you eat these heated little suckers your bloodstream is flooded with endorphins- neurotransmitters which block pain & give you a euphoric feeling (Well that explains it!!)  The health (& heat!) component of chili is called capsaicin, a potent anti-inflammatory which improves circulation, increases metabolism (Yay fat burning!!) & also helps with cleansing by ridding  your blood and system of mucous and toxins.  And guess what– yup, it, like our cukie friends, is said to fight cancer.

Fresh squeezed juice of one medium or 2 small lime(s)


Blend all of the ingredients until well combined and smooth.  You can chill it or eat @ room temperature.  If you dont have to watch your sodium intake, its extra-yummy if you add a few pinches of Himalayan Crystal Salt and perhaps a bit more cumin, cayenne to the final mixture.


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