Make It Monday (MIM): Spicy Cucumber-Basil Lemonade Slushie

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spicy cucumber lemonade

This week’s MIM, in honor of today being DAY 21!! of my 3 week detox and cleanse, is my famous (ok, maybe only in my own head lol) Spicy Cucumber-Basil Lemonade Slushie.  I drank this beauty just about every day I could on the cleanse & every time it made me feel amazing.

I’d swear those hot-cha-cha peppers give you a natural high!! Well guess what– it does!!  See details below….

Ingredients (& all of their nourishing goodness!!)

One whole (pref organic) Cucumber, peeled & cut


Oh gorgeous cukes, not only are you super-hydrating with your 96%age of water, but you are also known to flush out toxins, making you a perfect friend on a cleanse!  You lower uric acid in the system, keeping our kidneys happy, too!  Just about everyone knows that you make the skin GLOW like crazy (thanks to skin beautifying minerals silicon, potassium, & magnesium–which also help lower blood pressure & boost hair & nails too) but you are not just a pretty face!  Who knew that research shows you, my beloved cukies, have major cancer-fighting potential?! Added bonus- sterols in these babies actually lower bad cholesterol. 

Hot red/jalapeno/cayenne peppers, to taste (I say, the more the better!!)

Red Hot Chili Peppers arent just a great band…they are also a great high!!  When you eat these heated little suckers your bloodstream is flooded with endorphins- neurotransmitters which block pain & give you a euphoric feeling (Well that explains it!!)  The health (& heat!) component of chili is called capsaicin, a potent anti-inflammatory which improves circulation, increases metabolism (Yay fat burning!!) & also helps with cleansing by ridding  your blood and system of mucous and toxins.  And guess what– yup, it, like our cukie friends, is said to fight cancer.


Basil- again, to taste, & again I say, the more the better!

Holy pesto–basil is a triple threat as its amazing phytonutrients make it anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial AND anti-aging!! Think of it as another antioxidant-rich green leafy veggie– cuz it is!!! Darn, Im gonna be sooooo bummed when summer is over and I cant pick the stuff from my backyard!

Fresh-squeezed juice of one large or two small Lemons:


If Ive said it once, Ive said it a kazillion times– lemons might seem acidic, but they are extremely alkalizing in the body. For our detox purposes, lemons aid in digestion and help cleanse the liver.  And like the lovely basil, lemons have antibacterial, antiviral & immune boosting super-powers!


Wanna rev up the metabolism even further?  Throw in a few handfuls of ice to make this super-slushie & keep ur inner motor running!

1/4- 1/2  RIPE Avocado (optional):


Forget diamonds, avocados are a girl’s best friend!  This little pod of magnificent wonder-fat increases your good cholesterol while lowering the bad, thereby promoting cardiovascular health.  But beyond the health benefits, avocados unique monounsaturated fatty acids have been shown to improve skin tone and texture, as well as having potential to increase weight loss by being more likely used as a slow-burning source of energy than stored as fat.  Yippee!!!!

Blend all of the ingredients until they are fully combined, and have a frothy, slushie consistency.  (If you’d like it more like a juice than a slushie, just add more water)

This smoothie is best very chilled.  Adding the avocado cuts some of the heat as well (although I hardly ever do this)


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